Ready, Steady, Go ?

The Invisible Line gallery, London

The exhibition “Ready, Steady, Go?” took place during the Olympics in London. We decided to focus on Hackney Wick, a germane example of a local community facing a massive regeneration project that involves profound local transformations.

Dynamic and in perpetual flux, this fascinating part of the city which was once considered undesirable, has been suddenly under the spotlight. As creatives inhabiting east london, we were directly impacted by, and interested in the large scale transformations of the Olympics, and how to belong and own this new landscape.
We decided to use the tensions surrounding the developments in the area as a point of departure for a multidisciplinary project. Through talking about a national project of international importance in a local way, our aim was to ask :
What are the roles played by creative people in the transformation process of their environment?

We pursued exchanges with a variety of stakeholders so as to get diverse points of views. Each of us tried to answer this question with our own professional language and our different sensitivity shaped by our background. From the outset we wanted our exhibition to include a library that could gather together the documents that influenced us and provide the general public with more information. We wanted this library to be available for consultation during the exhibition to share what had already been done by people in the same area. It is another way to show how different kind of productions put together can give a better understanding of the whole frame.

It is not a full stop nor a definitive end but the first step to a wider reflection; it has been conceived to evolve with its urban context.
Today we are actively working on sharing this experience outside East London. Hackney Wick is not isolated case and we could enrich the debate with others’ view.

The invisible Line Gallery