Wysiwyg workshop

Wick Common Shop, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London UK

What You See Is (almost) What You Get? is a project presenting a series of interactive objects such as VR cardboard boxes and 3D images to question the visitors on the current reality, the future development of the site and also on the complexity of representations.

I ? Hackney

Barbican’s Ram place Market, Hackney Central, London UK

I ? Hackney is an installation that is set up by Foxtrot Collective during the RAM Place Market, a celebration of emerging fashion designers and a foretaste of the future Hackney Fashion Hub. It invites local residents and visitors to observe, question and debate about ongoing local urban transformations in consequence of Hackney’s regeneration projects.

V&A Late Friday : Hackney Wick Takeover

V&A Musuem, London UK

Foxtrot had been invited to take part of the Friday Late : Hackney Wick Takeover event at Victoria & Albert Museum in London.
For this project, we have set up a parody “souvenir shop” of Hackney Wick. In a wooden kiosk we were presenting Hackney Wick memorabilias such as…

Bretelles Lamaze

Quartier Lamaze, Saint-Denis Fr

“Lamaze, enlève tes bretelles! C’est le nom de la grande fête interquartiers organisée sur l’avenue du Docteur-Lamaze, à Saint-Denis. A cette occasion, le viaduc du même nom, qui fait office de bretelle de sortie de l’A 1 dans le sens Paris-province, était exceptionnellement fermé à la circulation…

Coming Out

Galerie De La Charge, Bruxelles

Le temps d’une résidence à la galerie De La Charge, Foxtrot a fait voyager Hackney Wick à Saint-Gilles. Un quartier à la rencontre d’un autre, un prétexte suffisant pour explorer les problématiques urbaines bruxelloises.


Website / Launch Event The Yard Theatre, London

This project was initiated by the Cultural Interest Group of Hackney Wick and Fish Island and designed by us. This website is an interactive platform and a directory for cultural activity in the area. Its aims to help locals to showcase their talents, fit into a network, disseminate information, and get involved in locals organisations.

Ready, Steady, Go ?

The Invisible Line gallery, London

The exhibition “Ready, Steady, Go?” took place during the Olympics in London. We decided to focus on Hackney Wick, a germane example of a local community facing a massive regeneration project that involves profound local transformations.